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Rigg Side is a small, independent publisher of material on the Landscapes of Cumbria.


It specialises in material relating to the geology and the landscapes of the area. 

Founded in 2003 by Dr Alan Smith it aims to publish readable and well illustrated material for the student, amateur enthusiast and non-specialist reader – for people who have an interest and love of the Cumbrian landscape.


Publications are available directly from the publisher post free, or from Bookshops.



There are now 6 titles available in the ‘Landscapes of Cumbria Series.’



The Landscapes of Cumbria Series  No. 1


Alan Smith

ISBN   978-0-9544679-0-6


24 Pages   Full colour cover.  17 colour and black & white photographs, line drawings, maps and diagrams.

Published 2003.  Revised and reprinted 2014

The booklet describes the fascinating history of this tourist site of the Bowder Stone in the heart of Borrowdale, south of Keswick, in the Lake District National Park. It describes the features of the remarkable Stone, how it became a tourist site, explains its geology and offers an explanation of its origin.

£ 3.50  Post free direct from the publishers


The Landscapes of Cumbria Series   No. 2


Alan Smith

ISBN 978-0-9544679-1-4


24 Pages  Full colour cover. 15 Photographs, line drawings, maps and diagrams

Published 2004.


The booklet briefly explains the geology of the Keswick area illustrating the main features with a simple geological map and cross sectional diagram of the area. It then gives details of a series of walks and excursions around Keswick, Bassenthwaite Lake, Derwentwater and Borrowdale describing the rocks and landscape features of important sites and viewpoints. All sites are accessible on foot using public rights of way. This is a booklet for those wishing to find out more about this interesting and spectacular part of the Lake District landscape.


£ 2.99  Post free from the publishers.



The Landscapes of Cumbria Series  No. 3

‘The Ice Age in the Lake District

 Alan Smith

A full colour 60 page booklet.  A5 size   Full Colour Cover

63 Specially drawn Maps, Diagrams and colour pictures.


ISBN 978-0-9544679-2-2



Post free direct from the publishers


This  booklet illustrates in simple terms what Ice Age conditions were like in the Lake District.


Divided into easy to read sections it explains:

·        The timescale and origin of Ice Ages. 

·        The Lakeland Ice cap. 

·        Ice movements over the district. 

·        Ice in the valleys.

·        The origin of the Lakes and the glacial landforms.

·        Ice on the Lowlands.

·        The final stages and the melting of the ice. 

·        Periglaciation and Paraglaciation. 

·        Ice and limestone pavements. 

·        Changing sea levels in the ice age.

Landscapes of Cumbria Series  No. 4

Lakeland Rocks: An Introductory Guide

Alan Smith

A Simple Introductory Guide to the Rocks of the English Lake District.

Close-up colour photographs of the common rocks.     

Rocks in the Landscape.

Simple Geological Map of the District.


ISBN 0-9544679-3-7


  • Skiddaw Rocks –the oldest rocks of Lakeland
  • Volcanic Rocks
  • Silurian Sedimentary Rocks of South Lakeland
  • Granites     Dyke Rocks       Sills
  • Minor Intrusions    Basic Igneous Rocks
  • Metamorphic Rocks   Carboniferous Rocks
  • Conglomerates and Breccias
  • Permian and Triassic Rocks

Going Further’ Section     Full Glossary


Colour Covers.  128 Colour Photographs and specially drawn Maps and Diagrams      A 5 Size      84 Pages     

£4.99  post free direct from the publishers.

The Landscapes of Cumbria  No. 5        

The Big Lakes of Lakeland

Alan Smith

A full colour, illustrated guide to the 17 big lakes of the English Lake District.

ISBN 978-0 9544679-4-4


A simple. easy to read guide to the 17 big lakes of the English Lake District.

A study of lakes in the landscape.


The pattern of lakes       Sounding the lakes

The lakes and geology

How the lakes were formed

The lake shores, islands, beaches, deltas, wetlands

Lake sediments     Are the lakes filling in ?

Former big lakes


Detailed descriptions, maps and photographs of the seventeen big  lakes

Windermere, Ullswater, Derwent Water, Bassenthwaite Lake Haweswater, Thirlmere, Ennerdale Water, Wast Water, Crummock Water, Esthwaite Water, Buttermere, Grasmere, Loweswater, Rydal Water, Brothers Water, Elter Water


A5 size.   104 pages  Over 100 original maps, diagrams and colour photographs. Full colour covers.

Perfect bound paperback


   £6.99 post free direct from the publishers


The landscapes of Cumbria  No. 6

The Smaller Lakes and Tarns of Lakeland

Alan Smith


ISBN 978-0-9544679-5-1


The companion volume to No. 5 in the Series (The Big Lakes of Lakeland) covering the smaller lakes and tarns of the district –

a study of the nearly 2000 small freshwater features of the Lakeland landscape.


The small valley lakes, cirque tarns, tarns produced by ice scouring, tarns of the high fells, natural dams, peat tarns, tarns on limestone, lowland tarns, tarns along the coast.


A5 size.   120 pages   Over 150 original maps, diagrams and colour photographs. Full colour covers.

Full glossary, further reading list,  index.   Perfect bound paperback.     The largest volume in the Series so far.


£8.99 post free direct from the publishers


We can also supply:

The Rock Men



Edited by Alan Smith

Published originally by The Cumberland Geological Society.

ISNB978 0-9541102-0-X


A5 size. Perfect bound paperback.  187 pages.

15 individual authors. Black and White photographs, maps and diagrams

Detailed accounts of 24 geologists who pioneered the early work on the Lake District.

The early pioneers, the early academics, The survey geologists , the physiographers , amateurs and professionals



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